Go Mobile

Your website on the go

Soon website content will be accessed more via mobile devices than with desktop personal computers. With Siteflex, you're ready to take your content to any device.

PhoneLet the experts take care of keeping up. Being a part of the Siteflex community means you don't need a dedicated team of developers making sure your website keeps up with the latest trends and technologies. As the world moves further into the mobile space, so does Siteflex.

Not only has the back-end Siteflex administration been constructed with hand-held devices in mind - allowing you to create, update or even tweet about your website easily, anywhere - but multiple options exist for getting your front-end website to display, best practice, on mobile and tablets. Don't just get mobile, get agile; create dedicated mobile templates to ensure all your most relevant website content is automatically pushed to mobile users, with no additional work from you.