Inline Support

One of the things we aim to achieve with Siteflex is a high level of self-service support. That is, Siteflex administrators should be able to fairly easily, almost inuitively, figure out how any standard function is intended to work.

Of course not all Siteflex functions are straight forward and may require a little extra explanation or at least the occasional reminder. Plus, not all of Siteflex's administrators have the same level of experience with web applications or even computers in general - which is something we're actually very happy about, indeed, proud.

Inline Help Hotspots

Every now and then folks need a little extra help. One of the ways we provide this little extra help, while aiming to achieve this goal of accessible self-service support, is through the Inline Help hotspots found throughout Siteflex.

These help hotspots provide direct access to feature-specific help articles, as well as to quick tips about the particular feature. They are there when you need them, but don't get in the way when you don't.


Help Articles

Help articles are put together by the Siteflex team and are based on common queries revolving around the particular feature in question. If a certain topic could use more detail (or a simple review) Siteflex users are encouraged to let us know.

Some common elements of Siteflex help articles include:

  • Related Links are offered after the main article. Often these will be links to Siteflex support videos, or informative pages on the Siteflex website.
  • Related Help is a list that allows Siteflex users to jump to related help articles quickly - such as neighbouring features on the current screen.

Have we missed something?

We have our Siteflex Suggestion box available so you can let us know if we've missed something, or simply if a help article needs a bit of polish to it's content. Whatever the case, the Siteflex Suggestion box is the place to let us know where we need to turn our attention.