Keep the conversation flowing

Capture new contacts. Create an automatic database of customers. Extend the conversation beyond your website with fully featured forms.

Interact with your visitors and turn your website into a two-way conversation. The Siteflex Forms module allows you to collect information from your website's visitors, storing the information in a database of categorised contacts. Send fully customisable Instant E-mail and Web Responses to enquiries and notify a list of contacts of any submissions, instantly.

With your growing list of contacts, continue the conversation via email, phone, or use your collected contact details in conjunction with Mailflex to send targeted email newsletters or SMS updates.

The Forms module allows you to flexibly customise your website's Forms into online polling booths, surveys, community-driven noticeboards, membership registration forms or keep it simple with a standard enquiry form. Whatever you choose, the Siteflex Forms module empowers you to keep the conversation flowing in the right direction.

Editing a form in Form Setup.

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