Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to common SIteflex questions. Simply click a question to view the answer or view all answers.

Content Editor

How do I insert media?

You can insert all types of media, such as images, videos or Flash files via the editor's Media dialog. This can be accessed by clicking the file cabinent icon in the toolbar.

How do I insert a link?

Insert a link to any Siteflex item via the Link dialog. Just select the text you'd like to become a link, then click the world icon in the toolbar to select what you'd like to link to.

Can I change the font or colour of text in Siteflex?

To ensure consistency in your Website design, the Siteflex content editor doesn't support customisation of the font or text colour. This is configured during Website implementation as part of the templates. However, if you'd like some tweaks to your Website's styling, feel free send the Siteflex Support team a quick email.

Can I resize or edit images in Siteflex?

The Siteflex content editor is focused on allowing quick content updates and doesn't support image editing. You can, however, automatically create thumbnail images when uploading images to Siteflex.

Alternatively, you could edit the image on your computer, then upload it to Siteflex. There are various free third party image editors, such as for Windows, or Seashore for Mac.

How do I add functionality to a page or mailout?

Just click the Siteflex icon in the editor toolbar to open the Component dialog. For more information, read the related news item.

How do I add third party embed code to a page?

If you've got some embed code from a third party that you'd like to add to your Siteflex page, we can setup a Snippet for you. This will allow you to easily insert the embed code via the Component dialog, under Third Party > Snippet. Contact the Siteflex Support team to request a new snippet.

Why can't I see the the editor toolbar?

If you receive an insecure content warning, this means Siteflex has detected some possible issues in the content. Siteflex won't save the content, and the editor will switch to the Code Editor.

If you're unsure as to why this has happened, please contact the Siteflex Support team for assistance.

Media Manager

What video formats are supported?

Streamflex supports the following video file extensions: mov, flv, mp4, m4v & vob.

Is there a file size limit?

Uploads are limited to 25MB per asset file. The Streamflex module allows for video and mp3 files up to 250MB in size.

Domain Name

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name lets customers find a Website, is the domain name you're viewing now. Most Australian companies will choose a '' domain name. Every site needs a domain name and we can organise and manage this for you.

What is Domain Propagation?

Domain propagation refers to the delay required when a Domain's records are updated. This could be up to 48 hours.


How do I setup the email address you've provided to me?

Please refer to the setting up your email page for more information.

Google Integration

What is a Sitemap?

Sitemaps assist search engines (such as Google or Bing) to crawl your site in the manner you would prefer. If some pages enjoy a higher priority than others, then this is set in the sitemap. Search engines can also see when pages were last updated. Siteflex automatically creates sitemaps for you.

How can I access my analytics?

You can view your website's analytics, or statistics, in Siteflex via the Site Analytics link in the Tools module. This will allow you to view overall statistics, or you can click a Siteflex item in the list on the left to view specific statistics.


What's included in my monthly subscription?

As we work on significant new features for the main Siteflex system or other modules to which you are subscribed, we release those new features as soon as they are ready, rather than waiting for an 'annual' software upgrade. Your Siteflex subscription also includes hosting for your website in our secure and reliable data center.

What does the initial establishment fee involve?

The initial establishment fee involves several programming hours to personalise your Siteflex implementation. With every new design, zones are configured for you to be able to edit content. A number of hours are spent in perfecting your websites style sheet, which manages fonts, colours and other elements throughout your website. If you don't already have a domain, we set this up for you and manage the web and e-mail records to point to our servers. if you already have a domain name, we administer the changeover process for web records or e-mail records or both. At the end of the process, we hand you the keys (login and password) to take Siteflex for a spin!

What about Website Hosting costs?

You Siteflex subscription includes hosting, along with the following special features:

  • Absolutely fixed monthly cost - no hidden extras or nasty surprises
  • No excess space charges for data held on the server (images, PDF's, etc.)
  • No excess traffic charges for data leaving the server (every page view generates traffic and most providers generally charge on a per MB basis for traffic over and above the monthly cost)

Web Browser

What is the browser cache?

The browser cache is a browser feature which speeds up page load times by storing a local version of Website files.

How do I clear my browser's cache?

You can force your browser to clear your browser's cache, please consult this WikiHow guide to find out how to do this in your browser. Alternatively, you can follow the instructions for your browser at