• Gregory Hills Interactive Map

    Thu, Dec 19, 2013

    Gregory Hills came to us with the vision to have an interactive and visual interface developed to aid the sale of their lots and enable possible land buyers to download lot specific information (i.e. lot dimensions, easement boundaries, location of sewerage, contour lines etc.) directly from the website.

    The Siteflex team developed a dynamic image map of the Gregory Hills master-plan. The design includes highlighted areas to indicate that the area can be selected for more detail. Users can select a land release, find available lots for sale, and download lot specfic information with ease.

    The Gregory Hills Interactive Map is now live and complete with popup photographs of the Gregory Hills environment, and lots for sale.The map provides the public with all the information they need in order to take their land purchase to the next stage whilst giving the sales team at Gregory Hills the ability to easily update the status of each lot through Siteflex's contact management. Its a win for all involved.