• Twitter returns to Siteflex

    Thu, Oct 3, 2013

    After Twitter updated some of their methods with Twitter API 1.1, many websites around the world found their Twitter feeds suddenly empty. Indeed, it remains commonplace to discover sadly empty or otherwise broken Twitter feeds on websites.

    The good news? Twitter feeds have triumphantly returned to Siteflex, as many long term Twitter users have already taken advantage of.

    Some Twitter-enabled users will notice the Authorise Twitter link has appeared under the Tools area on the Siteflex dashboard. Simply click through and authorise Siteflex to interact with your organisation's Twitter account. We are then able to embed your Twitter feed on your website.

    Additionally there have also been some tweaks to how the Twitter feeds work. Twitter feed links now point back to your original tweet and your twitter account, a step in encouraging further social interaction with your organisation's Twitter account.

    Interested in getting Twitter up and running on your website? Keen for your existing Twitter feed to be restored? Get in touch with friendly chaps at Siteflex Support and let us know how we can help you out.