• Tweeting returns to Siteflex

    Tue, Feb 18, 2014

    Twitter and Siteflex have long been good friends. Last year we saw this friendship get a little rocky when Twitter updated their API, giving us an authorisation system with much enhanced security, but also breaking a number of existing Twitter applications across the web. We've already returned public facing Twitter feeds to Siteflex websites, but we're additionally glad today to announce the return of Tweeting from Siteflex.

    Publishing tweets from Siteflex is another step toward one of the core goals of Siteflex, becoming the ideal tool to manage your organisation's entire web presence - not only your website.

    • Share Twitter access easily among people in your organisation, without having to pass around login credentials.
    • Switch between your multiple brands, including their associated Twitter account, with our existing Siteflex Instance selector.
    • Inobtrusive inline interface to allow publishing of Tweets without having to switch tools or even browser windows. Publish your tweet, then pick up exactly where you left off.

    How to get your Tweet on?

    1. Authorise your Twitter account with the "Authorise Twitter" link in Siteflex. If this link isn't available, contact your Siteflex Provider about getting access to Twitter.
    2. Switch to the Twitter interface with the small Twitter logo to the top right of any Siteflex screen.
    3. Tweet, tweet!

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