• Our new Siteflex website!

    Fri, Jan 24, 2014

    Welcome to our new Siteflex website! We think it's important to give your website a critical look regularly, and certainly our own website is no exception.

    A website refresh is a perfect opportunity to do a little 'spring cleaning' and really nail the content that you want your audience to focus on. It's a chance to approach your content with an updated vision of the type of audience you are trying to reach - ie. potential customers from a particular industry or existing customers. Take the best and cut the rest!

    With these principles in mind we've cut down on a lot of our technical descriptions and focused more on the general benefits and goals of our features. We've put the things our potential clients want to know at front and center - such as who is supporting and recommending our system - and we've cut down on the jargon.

    We're also allowing our Siteflex Providers to take more control over how they offer their clients Siteflex support. Our readily accessible support section offers assistance and guidance for those existing customers.

    With our rising focus on keeping Siteflex users informed via updates on the Twitter platform, we're making sure our tweets are visible throughout the site. The same accessible idea goes for important announcements made on our Siteflex Blog.

    These are just a few examples of our approach with our website refresh. Keen to discuss your own website refresh? Contact your Siteflex Provider about getting your 2014 website off to a flying start.