• Noni B

    Thu, Dec 19, 2013

    Noni B is a ladies fashion brand that was founded in 1977, and now operates over 200 stores across Australia. Liz Jordan is Noni B's modern, fresh label, aimed at a younger target market. Mirroring the desire to expand their range with Liz Jordan, the team at Noni B expressed a great keenness to expand to a much greater web presence, with Siteflex.

    The Noni B website was designed and implemented onto Siteflex in 2008, a huge upgrade from their previous site. Now live on Siteflex, the Noni B site manages all of their online promotions, e-marketing campaigns and other web-based initiatives. A veritable hub of contact relationship management activity, the site features one of the largest amounts of active mailout traffic, frequent professionally crafted updates and great imagery managed by Siteflex Photo Galleries.

    We've also implemented a major new Siteflex feature on the Noni B website: International eCommerce. This exciting Siteflex feature allows Noni B to accept payments in many different currencies.